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Q & A with Victoria

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Hi everyone !

This week’s video is a q&a with my friend victoria, here are all the questions with the exact timing :

– What is your favorite thing about montana ? 00:00

– How we met ? 01:45

– What was your first paid gig ? When was it ? 02:20

– How did you find your photography style and what would you advice a newbie looking for their own style ? 03:58

– What do you consider home ? 06:55

– What is your favorite part about sharing photos on social media ? 08:09

– Favorite place you’ve ever lived ? 09:27

– What is one place you’ve visited that you would live permanently because you liked it so much ? 11:11

– Do you stay excited with your job ? If yes, how ? 13:30

– What gear do you use ? 17:10

People in this video :


Alex:  Youtube channel:




Thank you so much for watching !

PS: Filmed with a canon 80d and canon 5d mark 4